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12 hours


Online Self-paced



Payment Options: 

Due in full upon enrollment

Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor Course Test Preparation Seminar
Length: 12 Hours Cost: $250


Admission Requirements: Completion of LCDC educational program.  Approval to take LCDC exam. 

Textbook: Global


Criteria: The 12 Core Functions of the Substance Abuse Counselor. John w. Herdman

Course Objectives
This test preparation workshop prepares you to pass the LCDC exam for licensure   This course is designed to provide information on the format and structure of the LCDC Exam.

Course Format
This a 12-hour seminar is available in distance learning format, containing both asynchronous-learning at your own pace and synchronous virtual instruction.  The instructor-led synchronous virtual instruction is 1:1 instruction and is scheduled with the student upon successful completion of the asynchronous portion of the course.

Online Instruction (10 hours): Instruction and application of 12 core functions and TAP 21 in testing environment. Your will review each of the 12 core functions and the associate practice skills.  Information will be provided in reading and recorded lectures.  Each of the functions will conclude with a practice test.

Live Synchronous Individualized Instruction (1 hour): Upon completion of you online course, you can participate in one of the schedule group discussion and test application session.  This session will cover test prep skills, the “psychology” of test taking and specific test taking skills.  This will be provided in video conferencing format.  Additionally, during this session you will have an opportunity to clarify any content.

After the completion of both sessions, you will complete a full 150 “mock” examination that is structured like the LCDC and based off ICDC, NAADAC and NCAC exam materials.  You may take this exam as many times as you like.

Optional Additional Instruction (1 hour): The student may schedule up to one hour of individual test coaching after they take their mock exam.

Upon completion of the online course, the live virtual training, and the online exam, you will be ready to take your exam.  If for some reason you do not pass your test, we will continue to work with you until you achieve a passing grade- this will be at no cost to you.

Online Course Topics

  • 12 Core Functions

  • Tap 21- Skills

  • Practice tests in each content area


Virtual Class Topics       

  • Content and function clarification

  • Test preparation

  • Testing psychology

  • Test taking skills


Comprehensive Practice Exam

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