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30 hours


Online Self-paced



Payment Options: 

Due in full upon enrollment


Addictions Clinical Program Management Seminar
Length: 30 Hours Cost: $1,500


Admission Requirements: This course is for individuals who desire to move into clinical leadership. You must have at least two years post licensure experience.

Textbook: Designing and Managing Program. Peter M. Kettner, Robert M. Moroney, Lawrence L. Martin

Course Objectives
In this course you’ll learn how to design, delivery and evaluate clinical addition programs.

Course Format
This a 30-hour seminar is available in a distance learning format, containing both asynchronous-learning at your own pace and synchronous virtual instruction.  The instructor-led synchronous virtual instruction is 1:1 instruction and is scheduled with the student upon successful completion of the asynchronous portion of the course.

Online Instruction (20 hours): Before your individual instruction, you must complete an online curriculum, which includes a deep dive into Addiction theory and evidence based practices, family systems, clinical service delivery, reimbursements, program design, staff development and supervision.

Live Synchronous Virtual Class Instruction (10 hours): Upon completion of your online course, you will attend 10 hours a live instructor lead class instruction.  This may be provided in a combination of small group and individual instruction and coaching. This will be scheduled via video conferencing.  During this session you will have an opportunity to clarify any content.  Your will practice designing, deploying and managing a clinical program.

Optional Additional Instruction (2 hour): After your class training, you can schedule an individualized mentoring session with the director at an additional costs of $150 per hour.

Upon completion of the online course, the live virtual training, and the online exam, you will be certified to manage addiction service program and/or organizations.  We may offer updates or refreshers occasionally; these will be at no cost to you. 

Online Course Topics

  • Managing a clinical program- Program Management 101

  • How the addiction industry works from clinical lens

  • Specific administrative practices in addictions

    • Administrative- Compliance, Regulatory and Accreditation

    • Human Resources- Clinical Supervision

    • Service Delivery- Clinical service design and delivery

    • Financial- cash, insurance, and grants

    • Other Legal Issues- getting sued

  • Clinical Add On’s

    • Login models are your friend

    • Managing Clinical Documentation

    • Outcomes


Virtual Class Topics       

  • Program Design, Delivery and Data

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