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24 hours


Online Self-paced



Payment Options: 

Due in full upon enrollment


Addictions Family Counseling Training Seminar
Length: 24 Hours Cost: $1,000


Admission Requirements: Licensed Counselor Interns, Licensed Social Worker, Licensed Professional Counselor


Textbook: Substance Abuse and the Family: Assessment and Treatment by Michael D. Reiter


Course Objectives

In this course we will exam the family through a systems lens which considers a range of interconnected contexts, such as biology and genetics, family relationships and larger systems.


Course Format

This a 24-hour seminar is available in a distance learning format, containing both asynchronous-learning at your own pace and synchronous virtual instruction.  The instructor-led synchronous virtual instruction is 1:1 instruction and is scheduled with the student upon successful completion of the asynchronous portion of the course.


Online Instruction (16 hours): Before your individual instruction, you must complete an online curriculum, which includes a deep dive into systems theory, addictions, family and addictions, assessment, treatment and recovery.


Live Synchronous Virtual Class Instruction (8 hours): Upon completion of you online course, you will participate in class with other counselors.  This will be scheduled via video conferencing.  During this session you will have an opportunity to clarify any content.  Participate in small and large group role plays (using breakout session) conduct a class demonstration of your specific focus.


Optional Additional Instruction (1 hour): After your class training, you can schedule an individualized mentoring session with the director.


Upon completion of the online course, the live virtual training, and the online exam, you will be certified deliver advance CBT interventions in addiction treatment settings.  We may offer updates or refreshers occasionally; these will be at no cost to you.

Online Course Topics

  • Family Assessment

  • The Addicted Family

  • Family Diversity and Substance Use

  • Roles in the Addicted Family

  • Family Life Cycle

  • Issues in Substance Using Families

  • Systems Theory

  • Family Therapy

  • Family Recovery

  • The Self of the Family Therapist


Virtual Class Topics       

  • Discussion of “The Self of the Family Therapist”

  • Delivering Family Services in Structure Treatment Programs

  • Role play of Systems Family Therapy

  • Breakout sessions and coaching

  • Classroom demonstration

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